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Email batches and drip surveys

When you use the CheckMarket tool to send out invitations, you can set up email batches so that your invitations are sent in small groups (“batches”) spread out over time rather than all at once. This will enormously decrease the likelihood spam filters will block your invitations. You can also use this feature to drip your surveys out over time.

  1. Go to your survey.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Options
  4. Check the option Email batches.
  5. Fill out the desired number of mails you would like to send per batch as well as the time interval for each batch.

email batches

  1. Click on Save.

When you launch the survey, the tool will start sending out the invitations in the batches you have set up.

Besides setting up batches, we recommend to “whitelist” your survey domain to ensure spam filters do not block your emails.

Drip surveys

Sometimes you may want to upload a large list of email addresses and then have the system drip them out over a certain period, hence the name “drip surveys”.

You can use the email batches for this purpose as well.

For instance, say you have a customer list of 180,000 email addresses. And you want them sent out over a three month period. Then you would calculate how many per hour that is. 180,000 / 90 days = 2,000 per day. 2,000 / 24 hours = 83 per hour. So then you would set your batches to 83 emails every 60 minutes.

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