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Send preview email invitation

Before sending an email invitation to your contacts, you can first send an example to yourself, or a colleague.
The information in this article is only applicable to email invitations sent via CheckMarket.

Preview the invitation in your browser

  1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
  2. Click on your survey.
  3. Click on Distribute.
  4. Click on Email.
  5. Click on Email invitation.
  6. Click on Example > Show email in browser.

Please note that when you’ve used variables to fill out contact date, these variables will be empty in the browser preview.

Preview the invitation as a contact

In order to be sure that you’ve used all the variables correctly and that they match the sentences used in your email body you can also preview an example of the invitation in exactly the same way a contact would see it.

  1. Click on Distribute > Email and then on Contacts.
  2. Click on Actions next to the contact you want to preview the invitation for.
  3. Click on Mail preview.
preview invitation as a contact

The email invitation now opens in a separate browser window, but with all variables filled out with all data that you imported for that specific contact. If you wish to verify the variables for another contact, simply repeat the steps above and click on Actions next to that contact’s name.

Send an example of the email invitation

Of course, you’ll also want to verify what your invitation looks like within your own email client. That’s possible, too, by sending yourself or a colleague a preview email:

    1. Click on Distribute.
    2. Click on Email.
    3. Click on Email invitation.
    4. Click on Example > Send preview email

You will now see the following screen:

(1) Email address: fill out the email address of the person you want to send the example to.
(2) Name: always fill out the addressee’s name, as it will be used as the salutation in the example.
(3) Language: when you have created a multilingual survey you can select the language in which the preview needs to be sent. We strongly advise you to send an example for every language you have created your survey in.
(4) Custom fields: if you have added variables to your email invitation, you’ll be prompted to fill them out manually. When you’ve renamed your custom fields, those names will be shown here.
send an example of the email invitation
  1. Click on Send Mail.
  2. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for every email address you want to send an example to.

This example of the email invitation will contain a link to the preview version of your survey. You can use this to test your survey as well. No results will be recorded.

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