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Use own domain for your surveys


It is perfectly possible to use your own domain name or subdomain name for your survey projects.

  • Your own domain
    • For example: or
  • Your own subdomain (‘third level domain’)
    • For example:

Using your own domain is straightforward, just fill out the request form and our Domains team will configure everything and guide you through the setup process. The following costs are involved:

  • one-time start-up cost: $ 250
  • yearly fee (this fee includes a secure SSL certificate, a CDN endpoint and yearly maintenance): $ 300/year

If you opt for an entirely new domain, an annual cost for the domain name will be added. This cost depends on the domain extension. We’ll inform you about this cost before registering the domain.

The main benefits of your own domain name

  • Email invitations and reminders will be sent from this domain.
  • You can even choose from which email address the invitations are sent, e.g.
  • The links in the emails will refer to this (sub)domain.
  • If someone enters the domain name in their web browser without a querystring (i.e. without additional parameters in the URL, which you receive automatically from our system), you can choose yourself where they end up.
  • You can use the domain name to redirect to you survey or use an iFrame.


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  • kai - June, 2018 reply

    Hi, so that’s mean if my website, I need to create a domain like this can i set it as a folder instead like

    Alexander Dobronte - June, 2018 reply

    You will need to use a subdomain. The reason is that DNS records can only be set for domains and sub-domains and not for folders. If you are not using our email engine, you can use a folder on your website and redirect to a survey or show the survey in an iframe.

  • Ville Tarpila - January, 2017 reply


    I am going to make survey for one Finnish company. Can I choose entirely new domain for that? Example http://www.lämpö (that is probably going to be the right domain).

    Nadia De Vriendt - January, 2017 reply


    Thank you for reaching out! Yes, as long as the domain name is available you can use it to link to your survey(s).

    Once your survey is ready, please reach out to our support team and they’ll take care of everything for you.

    Kind regards,

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