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Report style and themes

You can fully customize the style of your survey report. Use your own logo, colors, fonts, etc. and then save as a reusable theme to apply to other reports.

Element Type: Text & media

Use the text & media element type in your survey reports, when you want to add a heading or some explanatory text.

Add a report element

An element is a building block of a survey report. This can be a chart, score-card, cross-tab, free text, etc. You can create multiple elements for each question.

Copy a report element

Duplicating an element is a fast way to have multiple elements that are similar, but vary slightly like having a different filter.

Delete a report element

Delete report elements that you no longer need by selecting these elements and clicking on ‘Delete element’ in the top-right menu.

Resize a report element

You can resize report elements to place them next to each other instead of underneath each other. This is how you create dashboards.

Finding a report element ID

Sometimes our support staff may ask you for the ID of a report element. Report element IDs are also used extensively in the CheckMarket Scripting Language (CSL).