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Textual changes in a live survey

You can make quick, textual changes to your questions and answer options using a little trick we call Inline editing.

Just click on the text you want to change. It will be highlighted in yellow. Now you can make all the necessary changes by typing them into this yellow box.

When you use Google Chrome you can even put text in bold or italics by using the shortcuts Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I. To underline text, use Ctrl+U.

(Unfortunately this is currently not possible in Internet Explorer or FireFox because these shortkeys are already used by the browser itself to add bookmarks, open history, etc.)


When done just click anywhere else in the survey. Your changes will be saved automatically.

CheckMarket survey inline editor

A message at the top of the page will confirm the changes. You can undo the previous change by clicking on Undo.

There are even more edit options available in a live survey. Please read the article Editing a live survey to find out which ones.


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