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Contact import report notification email

When importing contacts in your survey, you will receive an email notification with the import results of that import. The import result will give you information about contacts that are imported or not imported. This is shown by using a specific code. Below you can find a full list of all possible codes you can get.

CheckMarket Survey contact import report notification email
R0207Invalid email address
R0300R0300 – Successfully updated
R0301R0301 – Successfully created
R0302R0302 – Invalid date of birth
R0303R0303 – Unknown country code
R0304R0304 – Unknown state code
R0305R0305 – No language code
R0306R0306 – Invalid language code
R0307R0307 – No email address
R0308R0308 – Invalid email address
R0309R0309 – Opted-out
R0310R0310 – Email address on global bounce list.
R0311R0311 – Cooldown list
R0315R0315 – Duplicate e-mail address in file
R0316R0316 – Duplicate e-mail address in contacts
R0318R0318 – Using default language code
R0322R0322 – Invalid phone number. The correct syntax is +[country code][area code][number]
R0323R0323 – Domain blocked from import
R0324R0324 – Role-based addresses
R0326R0326 – Contact not found: The file imported contains a contact ID that is not present in your survey contacts. Updating the contact is not possible.

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