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Update contacts in a survey

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It is possible to import additional fields to existing contacts or to change already imported fields, even when your survey is live or already closed.

Your contacts will not receive a new invitation.

Update a single contact

If you only need to change the details of one or two contacts, you can edit them individually.

  1. Go to the survey.
  2. Click on Distribute and then on one of the following distribution channels
    1. Email
    2. Paper
    3. SMS
  3. Click on Contacts.
  4. Locate the contact you want to edit and click on Actions next to their name.
  5. Click on Edit contact.
edit contact
  1. Change the necessary fields or add information to empty fields.
  2. Click on Save.

The contact will now be updated, and the changes are immediately visible in the survey and reports. Repeat these steps for other contacts if necessary.

Update an entire list of contacts at once

If you need to update all of your contacts, or a big list, all you need to do is import these contacts again, this time with the correct information of course. This option only works if you have imported the contacts with e-mail address.

When you export you contacts from the survey, each contact (with or without email address) has an contactID. When importing this file again, after updating the information, the contacts will be updated, based on their contactID. This allows you to update contacts without an email address.

In order to start from the correct contact data, you can export your contact list first.

Tip! Import only the columns you wish to change and the column that contains the email addresses. The other columns will remain as they are.

  1. Go to the survey.
  2. Click on Distribute and then on Email.
  3. Click on Contacts.
  4. Click on download-icon-no-arrow-transparant in the top right corner to export your contact list.
  5. You will now receive a .csv file containing all your contact data. Correct or add all desired data and save the file to your computer.
  6. Go back to the contacts overview in the survey and click on the blue plus in the top left corner.
  7. Click on Import contacts.
  8. Select the file with your updated contacts on your computer, or drag the file here.
select file for upload
  1. Click on Upload.
  2. Select the Worksheet with your updated contacts.
  3. Using the drop-down menu above each column, identify all columns you wish to import. Since you have used an exported file as a base most columns will already contain the correct field name.
select which fields to update

Tip! If you have saved, or used an existing Import configuration for these contacts before, you can select it here to speed things up. Make sure to review all selected fields before continuing in order to make sure you’ve selected the correct fields.

  1. Select the row number you want to start the import from and click on Next.
import from row
  1. Select all desired options in the Options tab.
  2. For the option What should happen when there are contacts already in the survey with the same email address as in the import file? select the first option:
update existing contacts
  1. Click on Continue.
  2. You can save this import as an import configuration or – if you’ve used one in step 11 – update the configuration that you applied.
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Verify all selected settings in step 5. Confirm, and click on Start import.

All existing contacts will now be overwritten with the changes you have made. This action has no influence on your existing contacts’ statuses, meaning they will not receive a new invitation or reminder. Only possible new contacts will, provided the survey is live.

Once the import is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. In the meantime you can continue working in the tool.

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