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Download the unique hyperlinks for your contacts

Using the CheckMarket tool you can easily download the unique hyperlinks for your contacts.

You can use these links, for example, when you want to invite (part of) your panel via post, but at the same time, would like to use your contacts’ demographic data or any other metadata imported into the tool.

Or you can send this file to a call center that can, in turn, use it to phone your contacts and simultaneously enter their responses in the survey.

Before proceeding with the next steps, make sure you have activated either the channel Email – send with CheckMarket’s email system or Paper – Contacts and that you have imported contacts into your survey.

  1. Go to the survey
  2. Click on Distribute.
  3. Click on Email or Paper.
  4. Click on Contacts.
  5. Click on the Export icon in the top right corner.

In the downloaded file you will find the unique hyperlink for each contact in the column called Link to survey.

unique hyperlinks to survey

Use this file with a mail merge so you can send out invitations by post and at the same time track your contacts’ statuses. Or send it to a call center in order to carry out a telephone survey.

Tip! If you only need the unique hyperlink for one contact and your survey is “Live”, click on the link Live next to that contact in the overview. A new tab will open with the Live survey for that contact.

live link contact overview

Don’t fill out any questions! They will be registered as a response for that contact. Simply copy the URL in the address bar. This is the unique hyperlink for that contact.


Advantages of unique hyperlinks

  • In the contact overview you will be able to perfectly monitor who has already filled out your survey and who has not. You can use this information to send a reminder to all contacts who have not answered yet.
  • At the same time you will be able to link all responses to your contacts. If you are conducting an de-identified survey, you can easily activate this in the survey settings. In de-identified surveys you cannot link any contact details to answers provided.
  • Because you have imported contacts, you will be able to filter your reports on all fields that you imported along wit these contacts, including all optional fields.


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