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Global opt-out list

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The opt-out list is a list with email addresses from the contacts that have unsubscribed of your survey.

A contact that unsubscribed, is recognizable by their status. It’ll say “declined”. This means that that person no longer wishes to participate in that particular survey, or in all surveys sent from your account.

In the latter case the contact’ts email address will also be saved in your account’s opt-out list.

You can consult this opt-out list when you are the account administrator, or you have access to all surveys. In that case you will find this list by following these steps:

  1. Go to Account.
  2. Click on Contacts.
  3. Click on Opt-outs.

Now you’ll have the full list of email addresses for the people who unsubscribed of all of your surveys. You can use the filter to quickly search for someone, or you can export the entire list into Excel.

If someone wishes to participate again in your surveys, ask them to confirm this by email and forward that email to our Support Team. They’ll take care of the rest.

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