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A contact is someone you add to a survey. As your survey project progresses the status of the contact lets you know in what stage they are in. At a glance you will be able to see, for example, who has responded, which emails bounced and who has been reminded.

  1. Go to the survey.
  2. Click on Contacts in the survey dashboard.

If you don’t see this option you can also go via Distribute > Email > Contacts

Here you’ll see the full list of contacts added to the survey, and their statuses.

List of possible statuses

IncludedThe contact has been added to the survey but not yet invited. Maybe the survey launch date is in the future or a specific invitation date has been set for this contact.
InvitedThe contact has been sent an invitation.
Saw emailThe contact has seen the email.
Clicked throughThe contact clicked the survey link in the email.
RemindedThe contact did not respond to the original invitation, so a reminder was sent.
Busy nowThe contact is filling in the survey at this moment.
Screened outThe contact did not meet the criteria to respond and was directed to the alternative thank you page.
Partially respondedThe contact started, but did not reach the end of the survey.
Responded completelyThe contact reached the end of the survey.
DroppedThis contact’s responses were deleted via the respondents overview. They are excluded from this survey.
DeclinedThe contact declined to fill out the survey.
Opted-outThe contact opted out of all your surveys.
ComplaintThe contact marked your emailinvitation or reminder as SPAM. More info.
BouncedThe email invitation bounced and came back as undeliverable.
More info on ‘bounces’.
Not deliveredThe SMS can’t be delivered to the contacts phone number.

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