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I don’t see the option “Contacts” anywhere

There can be two reasons why the option Contacts is not visible in a survey’s Distribute menu:

  • You have not selected the correct distribution channel yet.
  • You do not have the Manage contacts rights.

Select the correct distribution channel

Contacts are used with the following distribution channels:

  • Email – Send with CheckMarket’s email system
  • Paper – Contacts
  • SMS

So make sure you have selected at least one of these. Otherwise the option Contacts will not be visible in the Distribute page.

To add one of these distribution channels, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your survey and click on Distribute .
  2. Add a distribution channel by clicking on Add / Remove channel.
  3. Select the required distribution channel(s).
  4. Click on Save.

Now you will see the Contacts menu when opening that specific channel.

Next step: Import contacts into your survey.

“Manage contacts” rights

If after following the above steps you still do not see the Contacts menu, this means your user account does not have the Manage contacts rights. In this case, please contact your account administrator. They can add these rights to your user account.

Tip! Your account administrator’s name and contact details are mentioned on the Account page.

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