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Post a survey on LinkedIn

More and more people have at least one social media account, the big three being Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, the social network aimed at business people, was launched in 2003. In the meantime it has grown to more than 675 million members and more than 30 million company profiles.

Using CheckMarket you can easily share your survey on LinkedIn by posting it in discussion groups, on your company page or by sending a LinkedIn Inmail to your LinkedIn connections without having to leave the tool.

Share your survey

After you have created your survey and tested it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
  2. Click on the name of survey you wish to distribute via LinkedIn.
  3. Click on Distribute and select Add/Remove channel.
  4. Tick the options Via Web and URL / Social media and click on Save.
select the correct distribution channel
  1. Launch the survey.
  2. Click on Distribute again and select Via Web.
click on distribute and select 'via web'
  1. Click on Survey URL.
  2. Open the Social Media tab.
  3. Click the LinkedIn icon. If you have created a multilingual survey you’ll see the button repeated for every available language as well as the language selection page.
LinkedIn icon on social media tab
  1. A new tab will open where you can edit the contents of your update.
    (If you are not signed in yet, you will be prompted for your credentials first.)
Post the survey on LinkedIn
Tip: encourage your respondents to share your survey link. You will reach even more people then!
  1. You can choose between the following sharing possibilities:
    1. Share with all of your connections
    2. Share publicly
    3. Post to a group that you are a member of
    4. Send the invitation to certain individual connections only.
  2. Click Share to post your survey on LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that many social media visitors only use their smartphone while doing so. So make sure your survey is fit for mobile.


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