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Textual changes in a live survey

You can make textual changes to your questions and answer options – also in a live survey – by using a little trick we call ‘Inline editing’.

7 tips for long surveys

Learn how to save lots of time when you are working on long surveys. Here are some tips to work faster that we have garndered from our own experience.

Add links to files to a survey

You can easily add links to files to your survey and/or your invitations. These files can be in any kind of format such as Excel, Word, PDF, etc.

Survey appearance

In order to optimally set up your survey’s appearance, it is important to know which settings in the appearance menu change which part of your survey.

Add an info balloon

You can make important information jump out by adding an Info Balloon to your survey. That way your text will be highlighted and draw more attention.

Embed a video in your survey

You can easily embed a video in your survey by copying the video URL from youTube (or another site) and following the other simple steps in this article.

Copy a survey

You can easily copy previously created surveys so you can re-use them for other projects. All surveys can be copied regardless of their status.

Page display logic

Page display logic allows you to show or hide pages for respondents depending on their previous answers or other meta-data.

Pause a survey

Respondents can pause your survey and resume it later on. They will automatically be brought back to the last page they filled out.

Build a dashboard

You can create custom dashboards by using the embed function in our reports. It works just like embedding a YouTube video.

Survey Upload Question

Allow respondents to upload files such as photos, videos or documents to your survey. This works great on mobile or desktop.

Sending a thank-you mail

When you send invitations via CheckMarket you can automatically send a thank-you mail as soon as a respondent reached the thank-you page.

Page titles

You can give each survey page a title. Once page titles are set, they are displayed when setting branches. This can help when dealing with large surveys.

Question Data Labels

Special language independent labels that you assign to your questions that can be used in CSL to refer to a question and the label that will be used in reports and downloads.

Available media file formats

CheckMarket supports a large number of media file formats, including images (jpg, png, …), Office files (doc, xls, …), video files (mp4, mov, …), etc.

Copy a question

While adding a new question to your survey, you can choose to copy a question from the question library. This library contains all of your previous surveys.

Survey translations

You can easily add translations to your survey by exporting the translation file and translating your questions there. When ready import the file again.