Help Center

Edit survey responses

You can edit survey responses of both contacts and non-contacts. Make sure you have the respondent’s permission and respect the ICC/Esomar code.

Reactivate a survey

Reactivate a closed survey via the distribution options. Just set the new end date and time and click “reactivate survey”.

Pop-ups and pop-unders

CheckMarket allows you to use pop-ups and pop-unders for asking website visitor feedback at the beginning or at the end of their website visit.

Survey QR code

Generate a QR code for your survey. People can scan the QR-code with the camera app of their smartphone to take the survey.

Survey invitations via text message

You can send survey invitations via text message using the CheckMarket Survey Tool. Import a contact’s mobile phone number instead of their email address.

Bounce types and bounce subtypes

Bounced emails or bounce-backs are emails that are returned to you because they cannot be delivered for some reason. There are 2 types of bounced emails.

Optimal sample size

It is important to use a correct sample size for your survey based on three parameters: size of the population, margin of error and confidence level.

Own domain for surveys & reports

Use your own domain for emails, surveys and reports. This will dramatically increase the trustworthiness of your email invitations and surveys resulting in a higher response rate.

Sending automatic reminders

You can send two different types of reminders for your survey. Each type is sent at a different time that you can decide yourself.

Change the survey end date

Change the end date of your survey when it has already been launched (status “live”) via the distribution options.

Unsubscribe (opt out) contacts

Contacts can be unsubscribed from CheckMarket surveys in two ways: via the opt out link in the e-mails or you unsubscribe them yourself via your account.

Tips when sending reminders

Composing a good reminder is crucial to the success the reminder will have. As with the invitation, the subject line, the text and the design of the reminder will determine the click-through rate (How many contacts followed the link in the reminder to the survey).

Contact statuses

You can review the contacts’ statuses for your survey. At a glance you will be able to see, for example, who has already responded and who hasn’t.

Group mails

A group mail is often used to send thank-you mails or some kind of other global message to your contacts in their own language.

Personalized survey URL

A personalized URL is the simplest way to make your survey URL recognizable and easy to use. You can use any URL you like provided it is available.

Use multiple custom domains

You have multiple custom domains active for your account. When sending email invitations via CheckMarket, you want to use a differnt domain