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CSL – Report Variables

Variables available in the ReportBuilder from the CheckMarket Scripting Language (CSL). Use them to add dynamic content to your reports.

Survey report filter bar

The filter bar lets viewers of reports, quickly and easily filter based on preset criteria. The data and the other filters are updated in real time!

What is the distribution report?

The distribution report provides in-depth information on your respondents, such as their location, device used, referral link, … and much much more.

How to post survey feedback to Slack

Use our notifications to automatically post survey feedback and results to Slack. CheckMarket has a built-in integration with Slack so it’s as easy as pie!

Download your results

While your respondents are filling out your survey, you can already download your results in several reports types and file formats, e.g. Excel, SPSS, etc.

Using the respondents overview

The respondents overview provides information on your survey respondents, such as their completion level, time needed to complete your survey, etc.

Individual respondent reports

There are two types of respondent reports available in CheckMarket: the report with metadata, and the report without metadata.

Using the distribution report

The Distribution report gives a quick and visual overview of the global response rates for your survey. Add breakouts to see the response rates by all available operational data.

Element type: Timeline

Use a timeline to track an aggregate value over time, such as the average satisfaction, NPS, respondent count, etc. grouped by a selected period (day, month, quarter, year).

Download open answers

You can view all open answers per question in a report or download them all at once via the raw data in Excel or SPSS.

Respondents and dropouts per page

On the distribution report you will find the chart with the number of respondents and dropouts per page right underneath the general survey stats.

Edit survey responses

You can edit survey responses of both contacts and non-contacts. Make sure you have the respondent’s permission and respect the ICC/Esomar code.

Survey overview chart

The survey overview chart shows you a timeline with the amount of emails sent and responses collected for each day your survey was live.

Downloadable report types

CheckMarket offers different downloadable report types for your results, such as the raw data, open answers, uploaded files, etc.

Question Data Labels

Special language independent labels that you assign to your questions that can be used in CSL to refer to a question and the label that will be used in reports and downloads.

Availability of your results

As long as you are an active customer, i.e. you purchased products or services within the last 12 months, your CheckMarket survey results will be stored online for 10 years.

Contact statuses

You can review the contacts’ statuses for your survey. At a glance you will be able to see, for example, who has already responded and who hasn’t.